Precise Climate Control

we are UAE leader in climate control systems. We specialize in the design supply and installation of a wide range of Air conditioning,Dehumidifying, humidifying and air movement solutions. And our experience in cooling and heating for indoor and outdoor climate is unrivaled.

Our constant aim is to provide HVAC systems that precisely meets customer requirements and performance while focusing on maximize energy efficiency.

Our Solutions for climate control and HVAC needs

Since we are located in Dubai. our company understand the UAE market very well and we are capable to provide turnkey solutions for following:

Fans and Evaporative air coolers

Advanced Direct Evaporative cooling , axial, and centrifugal fans for any applications. Comprehensive range of coolers including Portable and Installed models with ATEX compliant options. designed with high energy efficiency to maximize products life and quality.

Air Handling Units

we provide any size od  AHU / FHU units. Designed to maximize  indoor air quality, best performance quality.


we provide all kind of Air-cooled and water-cooled chillers with cooling capacity up to 150 TR. Designed for GCC Climate. reducing the energy consumption for all types of buildings.

Smoke control and car park ventilation systems

we provide car park ventilation,optimized by Computational Fluid Dynamics. our ventilation turnkey solutions from  designing to installing to  commissioning Covers all mechanical and natural smoke ventilation requirements.

Technical Site Services

Our dedicated team providing best maintenance and installation services. Including service contract,on time fast maintenance service, for system replacement and  upgrades.

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