Evaporative Air coolers

Evaporative cooling is the most cost effective cooling. and its environment-friendly.
With portable evaporative air coolers you will have additional benefit and you can have the perfect cooling solution at any place and time for many applications.
Our range of portable coolers has been designed for indoor and outdoor cooler to cover a range of applications from commercial to industrial cooler.
by only Water & Air our coolers can decrease your area temperature to 10 degrees Celsius. it working with standard 220V plug and need to add water.
you can also utilize the internal water tank by manual filling or connect an external water hose for automatic filling option.

Portable evaporative air coolers

  • All out Evaporative coolers come  Remote control for easy operation.All our air coolers have
  • All our air coolers have internal water tank with manual and automatic filling options.
  • All our industrial outdoor coolers come with heavy duty  castors for easy movement.

Evaporative air coolers most enegrgy effecient cooling consumes 1/8 of traditional air conditioners.

industrial evaporative coolers have simple design provide almost meanteance free operation.

no installation needed with ability to move the air cooler where need.

Air cooler models